Sunday, May 13, 2007

Two Cool Findings

First, Ladycub and I have gotten a lot of use already from freecycling. It's a great idea; before throwing something out or taking it to the dump, see if someone else might want it! The only rule is that it has to be for free. Chances are your town or area has a freecycle list. You can also put out a request for something that might be given away; someone on our list moved here from Colorado where they freecycled all their belongings, and are trying to get furniture for their new place via freecycling. Neat, huh?

Second: Who knew you could still play kickball? Here's my hometown's kickball organization. This is something I may have to consider playing when I get well, or at least watching until then!

One of the few good memories I have from seventh grade was my first kickball home run. We used this ball that seemed to be made of titanium, and we played in our playground that was sloped uphill heading to the outfield.

When I came up to bat, the boys on the other team naturally came in several steps because they didn't expect me to do much. And much of the time, I didn't disappoint. But this day, I was going to make them pay, and I did.

I ripped a shot over the center fielder's head and sent it rolling uphill toward the school. I rounded second and third. Here was where I figured I was dead meat, or would at least be sent back to third; the rule was if the ball reached home plate before I did, I'd have to go back to third. Of course, I could be tagged out as well. But the kid from across the street threw it too high and it sailed into Cardenas Avenue, and I had my home run! Everyone was stunned, as was I.

Almost made up for all the times I got beaten up.


Mom2BJM said...

*raises hand*

I? am a freecycler. Have given away some things, lastly our king size mattress and box springs when we bought new Tempur-pedic. I haven't taken much from freecyle, because I already have TOO MUCH STUFF!