Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stitches and Seniors

(Arrrrggghhh. I typed this once, then lost it when my browser crashed trying to open some other window.)

The stitches on my right elbow are out, again. I'm cleared to return to work, but only light duty for couriering. The pain in the elbow isn't too bad unless I bump it. What is really painful is my right shoulder, and until I finish with my antibiotics in my left arm, I won't be able to return to physical therapy.

Nor do I think it advisable to ride a bike. And I can't swim with my IV either. But at least I can walk for some exercise, which I did last night. (BTW, I gained about half a pound for the week, but considering how sedentary I was, that wasn't so bad.)

After my doctor's appointments for the above on Friday, I stopped and visited my hospital roommate at his assisted living home. He not only remembered me, he remembered my wife too. He seemed to be in good spirits, and his sense of humor was still with him. His therapist was also with him, and he said they went "way back. Two months."

While I was waiting to see him, a lady named Elizabeth introduced herself to me and asked me to walk with her around the property of the center. She lost a son during World War II, and otherwise had no family now. She appeared to be in great shape for her age, and she said it was because she wanted to keep moving and not become sedentary. (I think that's why a lot of retirees get into volksmarching.)

Again, I was reminded of two things:

  • God willing, I will be old someday; and
  • The elderly crave, more than anything else, some attention. I don't think that's too much to ask.