Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Prayer for Virginia Tech

Beyond the arguments and debates surrounding the events of a couple weeks ago at Virginia Tech, the tragedy remains. My brother sent around this prayer, written by a sophomore at the high school where he teaches. I find the first couple intercessions especially powerful:

Lord, help me realize that the trials of the everyday are not meant to erode my faith in humanity. Instead, let me see the good intentions of those around me, and let me forgive unintentional trangressions more easily because of this.

Help me see that one person's violence and anger is caused only by the neglect of several people; help me to care for those around me, so that it may not be said that any actions of mine were provocation enough to drive an individual to such an end.

Rest the souls of the victims in the Virginia Tech shooting at Your right hand, and let the true horror of this tragedy be seen not in the dramatic media but in the pain of the ones that have lost loved ones.

Help those affected by the shooting to find solace and peace within themselves.

And amen. Well said.