Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pot Pourri 3

I Can Take A Hint

In the past several years, I've applied to many different places for full-time work, and naturally gotten my fair share of rejections. Well, I think the Broadcasting Board of Governors (the folks who run the Voice of America, among other things) is trying to tell me they don't want me . . . except that they're not actually telling me so.

I submitted my resume which showed how I'd worked for nearly three years for a local radio station as a news reporter, and had done so as recently as 2004. I got back a form letter saying that I lacked having sufficient news story writing experience in the last five years. That is simply untrue, and the BBG would know that if they had bothered to actually read my resume.

But I decided to give the BBG the benefit of the doubt and sent them a revised resume, emphasizing my qualifications that indeed met their requirements. So what did I get in the mail the other day?

The exact. same. form. letter.

At first, I was going to call the contact and ask why she didn't see any difference in what I sent. But then I realized that it would be a waste of time to get into an organization that has made it perfectly clear it doesn't want me. Why would I think I'd enjoy working for such an employer?

Great Customer Service

From that lousy experience, I switch to Target ("Tar-jay") where I had to get my watch battery replaced the other night. The young lady who replaced my watch battery had a heck of a time both getting the back of my watch off and on. (BTW, all of the Target ladies wear red shirts and, in this store, are all short brunettes, so it's hard to tell them apart.) In the process, she somehow disabled the button that allows me to change the mode of the digital portion of my watch so that I can time things; I use that in my work (see below).

So yesterday I returned to see what could be done. The lady I talked to this time discovered that the metal contacts to the button had been severed. She tried several times to jerry-rig it to no avail. Originally, she was going to offer me a discount on a new watch, but the manager came over and had her swap out a functioning watch for me.

I wasn't looking for a new watch, just to get working the watch I had. This went way over my expectations. And I think a key was that I remained calm, patient, and polite.

Driving My Life Away

On Friday, I spent way too much time behind the wheel. Here's where all I went. All except the traffic reporting stint were in the Cygmobile, where most of the rest was incurred through my couriering job:

Frederick, MD to Silver Spring: 39 miles
Around the DC area for my traffic reporting job: About 150 miles
Silver Spring to Rockville: 15 miles
Rockville to Frederick: 31 miles
Frederick to Knoxville (MD): 18 miles
Knoxville to Towson: 68 miles
Towson to Bel Air: 30 miles
Bel Air to Columbia: 43 miles
Columbia to Hagerstown: 71 miles
Hagerstown to Frederick: 30 miles

Total: 495 miles. No wonder I'm so tired this weekend. And I think I got about 12 hours of sleep from Tuesday night to Friday morning.

What I'm "Reading"

My latest book on CD is Protestant seminarian-turned-Catholic apologist Scott Hahn's Swear to God, a book about how he came to love the Sacraments which he had originally thought of as "boring." I can use a little boost in my Catholic faith, and I think this will help. It'll be nice to have something meaty to listen to while driving for work instead of just all sports talk all the time.

My Sister, B.S.N.; Vince McMahon, Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary)

And last, but hardly least . . .

Kudos to my older sister who graduated magna cum laude from Sacred Heart University with her B.S.N.! She won a couple other awards from her schoolwork. My mom and dad went to her graduation, which featured a commencement speech from Mr. Dr. McMahon.

Yep, Vince McMahon of the WWE spoke about his rags-to-riches life. His wife of well over 40 years is a trustee of the university. And his hair is slowly growing back.

Who cares; my sister can kick McMahon's butt from here to Hartford scholastically! And I bet he can't start an IV, either. Finally, I know she has a nicer hairstyle. :-D