Sunday, May 13, 2007

More about Mom

I spoke glowingly of my mom here for her birthday. But there's always more to say.

I have met few people as devout and dedicated to the heart of Jesus as my mom. She prays for all of us every day and attends daily Mass. She is often telling me things the Lord told her for me. She, my dad, and another couple meet weekly for prayer.

My mom gives generously not only to us, but to those around her, such as a lonely invalid whom she takes all sorts of places, and a delightful lady from Cameroon who came to her when she was newly in the United States and didn't know a soul. She and her husband just became U.S. citizens, BTW.

Mom came to visit me twice in the hospital, and she brought us meals when we got home. Also, the jambalaya meal she made for us the night we moved in here probably saved our marriage, as we were ready to mangle each other that night.

And when we were kids, she made sure we got to swimming lessons, soccer practices and games, play rehearsals, dances, etc. And she always sat up until the last of us were home.

I can only start making a return for all that she's done and all that she is by saying:

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Love you. God Bless.