Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hope You're Sitting Down

I'm so done with Rush Limbaugh. (pause for #thuds#)

It really isn't any particular thing he's said; I've just outgrown him after 14 years. I think it's a combination of things:

  • I'm not entertained by him anymore. I don't enjoy hearing him say how he hates to talk about himself . . . and then talks about himself.
  • I get a lot of the info he provides from my blogs, listed to the right. Especially Michelle Malkin, whom I'll marry in another life. ;-) (just kidding, love!)
  • I prefer now to listen to sports talk radio, especially Jorge Sedano and Steve Czaban (not that I endorse everything on their sites).
  • If I do listen to political talk, I prefer folks like Laura Ingraham (single, female, and Catholic), although her interviews are often boring. Glenn Beck has his moments. I don't much care for Sean Hannity, especially after he dissed Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International. And I don't get the popularity of a self-hating curmudgeon like Michael Savage.
So my conservative credentials are still intact, but I just don't care for Rush anymore.


Kimberly M., a.k.a. KimberlyKnits said...

I can understand that, Cyg. I listen to Rush sparingly these days. I too much prefer Laura Ingraham, who's a lot more fun. I'd listen to Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter forever and a day if they'd get radio shows. (And if I were a guy, I'd marry Michelle Malkin, too. Then I'd look into cloning so I can marry Ann Coulter too.)

Savage is dreadful, Hannity is a blowhard. Mark Levin is fun, though. Lars Larson is interesting. Maybe we should have our own radio shows. Or maybe not, as that much conservatism in one place might cause the universe to explode. ;)

Cygnus said...

Kimberly, I wouldn't go so far as Coulter. I know she goes over the top on purpose, and I admire her chutzpah, but it really doesn't work because she makes herself the focus instead of what she's railing against.

I "read" her book Slander (listened to it in the car), but I found Laura I.'s Shut Up And Sing a much easier read and far more informative without being so didactic.

I've heard Levin; he definitely doesn't take himself very seriously. I only heard Larson once when I was in the Martinsburg, WV area; I understand he's big on the Left Coast.

I'd love for us to have our own radio show! If it gets boring, I can always start knocking the Spidey franchise. ;-)