Monday, May 07, 2007

Frederick Marathon 2007

Yesterday was the Frederick Marathon, which used to be held in late March until it snowed one year. So, expecting that it would be warmer, the organizers moved it to the first weekend in May. It wasn't much warmer yesterday (mostly in the 50s), and it was quite breezy. But I figure that if we could get rid of the breeze, the conditions would be fine for the runners; they generally prefer colder to warmer.

The course ran right behind our house:

And we were right near the 25-mile mark. But two large bridges stood between here and the finish line. Ouch.

We wound up helping out at the mile marker with giving out water and cleaning up cups that the runners had drained. Actually, LC did more of that than I did because of my physical limitations.

Funny how not too many of the runners wanted to help themselves to any Vaseline, even if they needed it!

Here came the ultimate men's winner, Christopher Zieman of Chapel Hill, NC.

Previous winner Michael Wardian of Arlington, VA set a world record for the fastest marathon run while pushing a stroller. According to the Frederick News-Post, he wore number 1, and his infant son number 2. He finished third overall.

Setting a new women's course record was Jenn Shelton of Virginia Beach, who seemed to be dressed more for a swim meet than a marathon!

Here's Jenn's front, courtesy of Skip Lawrence of the Frederick News-Post.

It was fun to be part of the race and cheer on the many others who finished; they certainly did more than we could just by racing! Only downside: we both got rather sun- and windburnt!


Debcapsfan said...

I don't run, ever...but it does look like a great way to keep in shape. Congrats on the weight loss! *smooch*

Cygnus said...

Thanks, Deb!

Blogger must not have eaten your post, because it made it in! (That's the only reason I rejected the second one.)

Puffy said...

Great pictures!