Thursday, May 10, 2007

99 Balloons

This has nothing to do with Nena or her early 80s song.
Rather, this video shows that no life is wasted, no matter what science says.

Wow. Just wow. Would that I could be half a parent like these two.

99 Balloons: Dear Eliot

(Hat tip: Dawn Eden via Jill Stanek. And Ladycub.)


Mom2BJM said...

Wow, Cyg. Thanks for sharing that video. My last miscarriage, after M was born, had Trisomy 18 problems. It's true, the percentage that actually live are very small. This hits home with me today, as my Grandma passed away on Friday. But, I know she is gone to a better place and is released from the restrictions of her body - and she'll be visiting with my mom on Mother's Day!