Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why The NHL Is Done As A "Major Sport"

(Hit me with your best shot, Deb!)

1. The NHL players, owners, and commissioner still have no realization of how they lost the fringe fans like us through the totally unnecessary strike.

2. It still expects diehard fans to reward it with their tickets in spite of said strike . . . the same fans to whom it gave the finger.

3. It hasn't even made the slightest effort to reach back out to those fringe fans in order to "grow the game."

4. Even if we had cable, we wouldn't be able to see any games on Versus unless we would shell out money for digital, and many others have it worse.

5. How are we supposed to have any interest in hockey at any level when there are no professional hockey teams at any level in the state of Maryland? I guess the only hope is if Ed Hale builds a new arena in Baltimore to replace the decrepit "Baltimore Urena," as my college friends called it. I do have good memories of the Baltimore Skipjacks and Bandits (the reason I can never root for the Hershey Bears), and I even saw a short-lived team in Upper Marlboro.

I'll be over here when the NHL starts caring.