Saturday, April 28, 2007

This Has So Not Been My Year

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Rockville, MD

It's been six weeks since I had arthroscopic surgery on my right elbow. Starting Wednesday night, the elbow became puffy, red, and hot to the touch, not to mention downright painful. I made arrangements to see my surgeon on Friday, but before work was done on Thursday, I felt a fever coming on.

Come Friday morning, my surgeon discovered that the elbow joint was infected, and this was confirmed though more surgery that night. I've been here at the above-mentioned hospital ever since. Looks like I'll be out of work for at least the next week.

And, for the indefinite future, I'll be pumping antibiotics into myself via a PICC line. Right now, I'm also on morphine (my Happy Liquid).

I haven't gotten much sleep, naturally, and going to the bathroom has become an exercise in patience (morphine is an anti-laxative). I don't have much of an appetite either, but this is not a method of weight loss that I recommend.

The doctors, nurses, and techs have all been quite helpful, and Ladycub has been a saint with all the stuff she's provided for me. Kudos also to my mom, dad, and brother who stopped by (Mom gave me the Eucharist), and to Rob and Gordon for their visit also. My roommate is an older gentleman with kidney stones who can be quite cantankerous when the anesthesia talks through him, but otherwise he's mostly harmless.

And I'm not the only one who can't buy a break health-care-wise. Just as my father-in-law discovered he had double pneumonia the same day I had the fall necessitating the surgery in the first place, my mother-in-law likewise developed double pneumonia the same day I was admitted here.

I was told this would be outpatient surgery. Not quite, obviously.

Prayers and thoughts welcome, including for my MIL.


Seana said...

Yick, Cyg. Sorry to hear this. :-(

DH was on morphine when he had his heart attack. It really does mess up the system, even after you're off it.

*hugs* and *squishes*, but just little ones



of course.

Kimberly M., a.k.a. KimberlyKnits said...

Morphine, that magnificent medication. Love it. Life is good on morphine. (This from a woman who takes 45mg/day.)

However, it can make life...interesting. Invest in good bathroom reading while you're on it.

This has not been your year, hon. #hug#