Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Simple Tip for Windshield Wipers

On Saturday I called up Dave Serio, the host of "You Auto Know" on our local radio station. You can listen live on Saturdays from 11 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 3 PM Eastern wherever you are through his website.

I wanted to know why it took such a short time for the Cygmobile's windshield wipers to start streaking after I bought and installed them. He replied that, at least in this part of the country, the problem may not be so much the wipers or blades . . . as the windshield. Droppings from trees and other sources can cause the blades to streak, even if they're fairly new. Wiper blades are supposed to last anywhere from one to two years.

Dave suggested cleaning the windshield regularly with a windshield foam cleaner sold at auto parts stores. I tried Rain-X Cleaner followed by Rain-X Windshield Treatment (the stuff that makes the water bead up and flow off the windshield), and that seems to work really well with my wipers.

Oh, I just saw this related tip on an online board about cleaning the inside car windows (reproduced verbatim):

Use the window wash you put in car window wahing wells( or whatever they are called) HA I even use that stuff to wash my windows in the house, it does not smudge. Just look at the outside of your car windows when you use it. IT is tons cheaper than windex. A secret a cleaning lady told me.


Puffy said...

Good tip, Cyg.

Mr. Puffy is obsessive about washing car windows.

Cygnus said...

A second tip I found for wipers: Take a Q-Tip or a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to them every so often. So far, so good.