Sunday, April 22, 2007

Putting Up A Good Front

We've got quite a few projects to do around Casa del Cyg. But before I get into our latest venture, however, I want to thank our friend Sean for his efforts in fixing our garage door last week. He literally whacked the metal tracking back into place so that the rollers moved correctly, and this enabled me to repair a broken hinge on the door. Who knows how much money he saved us by doing that?

Over the last couple years, we've been giving some attention to the front of our house. We had a big cypress tree removed because it had grown up right next to the house, and we had no idea what would happen to the siding from the wind constantly blowing the tree into it. When the cypress was removed, we found a hose rack that we never knew was there!

We have now turned our attention to the front lawn. It's rather uneven, but we'll fix that eventually. We're trying to grow new grass where the cypress was, and we've decided to rebuild our garden. Yesterday, we brought 1200 pounds of topsoil home and put most of it in the garden. First to go in will be impatiens, which grow well in shade. Then in the fall, we want to plant crocus and tulip bulbs for the following spring.

Our driveway is rather narrow, and a strip of grass in the front lawn has become worn from us walking on it from the cars. But Ladycub had a great idea: In the back yard, we had five large hexagonal stones. We spent yesterday transferring those stones from the back yard (which no one can see because of a fence) to the front yard, and we placed them along the driveway with the assistance of more topsoil (see photo). The two stones closest to the house will probably have to be reset because they're pretty much sitting only in topsoil. The other three are supported by clay. (Any ideas how we can seat those two stones better would be appreciated.)

In any event, the front yard already looks much nicer, even without the impatiens. I wrapped up the day by cutting the weed factory back lawn, and then the front. We were both pooped and sore.


Bigbro said...

Unless you grow something in the soil (grass) to keep it from eroding, you'll probably need to reset it putting down a base of aggregate rock and then some sand. I'd then check out the decorative granite to place around your hex pavers. Check with you local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot. They could give good advice for your local conditions.

Bigbro said...
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Puffy said...

One good thing about house projects is that you see what you accomplished and can be proud.