Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good health news, for a change

My cholesterol levels are improving with meds and exercise. I need to keep it up. The exercise, that is.

I'm finished seeing the hand therapist; Kendra, you're the bestest. There's still some minor pain with the wrists and elbow, but nothing that keeps me from any activity.

I'll have an MRI on my neck tomorrow. Problems persist with stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders, but the orthopedist who operated on my elbow seems to think surgery won't be necessary. I have a possible spur in my neck and some impingement in my shoulders. Fortunately, my rotator cuffs aren't torn, or else I'd have to go on the disabled list and miss my start in the rotation. I'm hoping therapy and cortisone will do the trick, but I think I said that somewhere before.

(You know what I gleaned from reading that link? Around the time I started having problems with my shoulders a couple years ago, I was swimming at the Y and doing a lot of the crawl, which involves bringing my arms up over my head. Coinkydink?)

I also got my replacement shoes from Joe's New Balance Outlet. These fit much better than the first pair, although they make more noise when I walk. But I won't send them back for that. I will need another pair fairly soon because both my other pairs of New Balance shoes are worn through, and I know one pair won't cut it. Man, I'm rough on shoes.

UPDATE 4/5: The MRI went smoothly, albeit loudly. I'll find out more on what it means next week.