Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 4 and Counting

(Day 4, not 5. I blame the meds. :-P)

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Rockville

The wait here drags on. Not helping matters is the amount of gunk that has drained from my elbow, and it's still doing so; I doubt I'll be leaving until it slows down and/or they find out how bad this stuff is. Without grossing you out, all I'll say is, do any of you have a can in your kitchen that you use for excess grease? It's worse than that.

Some other vignettes:

  • I'd be able to post from the TV, but mine has terrible focus, and for some reason it doesn't like the Blogger pages. Fortunately, there's this PC down the hall.
  • My aging roommate has gone from snoring very loudly (sometimes seeming to say, "Oh noooooooo!" as he does so) to growling at the nurses to wanting to become a boxer and have me as his trainer and LC his manager. He says we'd have to carry him TO the ring, much less FROM it. But because of my arm, I won't be carrying much of anything for a while.
  • The temperature in the room varies from colder (which I like) to furnace (which he prefers).
  • The light in the bathroom finally got replaced today. I'm still having some constipation issues.
  • The food hasn't been too bad; heck, I might be eating more healthy here than at home!
  • The Catholic chaplain found LC and I at this computer earlier today and warned us about whatever we might be looking at. Turned out it was the Catholic Answers Forum. Hee. He gave us the Eucharist again today.
  • LC has arranged for me to get some case management when I'm finally discharged from here. That'll be quite helpful.
  • I still can't believe how peaceful I've been about all this, not that I'm overly enjoying it. I do of course want to learn whatever God wants me to in the middle of all this.
  • I appreciate your prayers and support. So does my MIL, who still has the double pneumonia.


bigbro said...

The light in the bathroom finally got replaced today. I'm still having some constipation issues.

If the two are related, I think you'll need to watch how much morphine you're using! Hang in there and get well soon. Think white blood cells.

Cygnus said...

From Seana (not sure why this didn't appear as approved! I may have finger-farted. :-( )

Yick, Cyg. Sorry to hear this. :-(

DH was on morphine when he had his heart attack. It really does mess up the system, even after you're off it.

*hugs* and *squishes*, but just little ones



of course.

Cygnus said...

Bigbro: There just could be a connection. And I believe this was the ordinary incandescent bulb! We may have stumbled onto a major medical breakthrough here.

Seana: Thanks for being gentle. Glad DH rebounded from his heart attack. Things can always be worse, I reckon!

I just wonder now what effect all this will have on my ability to work.