Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Chilly Easter

This was the coldest Easter in recent memory, feeling more like Thanksgiving. But at any rate, He Is Risen!

LC and I went to Mass with my parents and sibs. The church was nicely decked out wth all sorts of flowers, as hand-arranged by Fr. Marty. His homily was about how the Paschal candle was the sign of the risen Christ, and would be with us for the next 50 days. We also got to see one of LC's bridesmaids; her husband is about to leave his post as music director at that parish, which is over an hour away from his home. This bridesmaid was pregnant with her eldest daughter at our wedding; said daughter and her sister, born a year to the day later, were helping lead the singing at the Easter Mass, and did quite well.

Mom and Dad hosted a scrumptious Easter meal afterward, but before that started, we had the Sort-Of-Annual Easter Egg Jellybean Hunt. My mom hid 14 jellybeans in the living room. LC and my younger brother each found five. I stayed off the schneid by finding two. BTW, we range in age from 28 to 45. We'll be doing this as senior citizens, I bet.

This cold snap has got to end sometime, but it seems like it won't. Reminds me of back in 2003 when it rained almost nonstop for six weeks in late spring. I still haven't been able to rotate my winter and summer clothes yet.


Mom2BJM said...

um.. Jelly bean hunt? are they GIANT jelly beans? They'd really get lost at my house, and never be found..

Too Funny!