Saturday, March 31, 2007

Whatever happened to . . . ?

Muzak? I still think it's weird to hear Kiss' "Rock And Roll All Nite" in a grocery store. But I guess it's better than the harp version of "Stairway to Heaven." Still, Muzak would play some real instrumentals by folks like the Rippingtons, the Christian Colours Series, Hiroshima, and George Benson, among others.

Saturday morning TV? Where are the cartoons? Maybe I'm answering my own question when I say I'm glad I have the unedited DVDs of Looney Tunes and Animaniacs. But why is stuff like that NOT on the air, and unfunny glarp like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is?

Alleys? Are any new homes built with alleys behind them? The alley was where we played stepball, football, kickball, and just about everything else-ball. It was also where we ran around in the pouring rain in our bathing suits, as long as there wasn't any lightning. And as an adult, alleys mean short cuts.

The Wings of Freedom Airshow? Although nothing like the show at Andrews AFB every year, this was still an enjoyable show put on at Frederick Airport. There was always a World War Two theme courtesy of the Commemorative Air Force, and the stunts were breathtaking. There was always a moving re-enactment of various battles, complete with exploding ordnance. My cow-orker got to jump out of a plane on a tandem parachute (her sister asked, "Is he cute?"). But the city and the show squabbled over finances, and after a move to Martinsburg, WV that never materialized, the whole thing folded.

Snowball stands? Out here, Mom and Pop snowball stands have been all but legislated out of existence. Fortunately, there's one place on the northeast side of town that still sells snowballs as part of all the other schtuff it serves. We also take advantages of various stands closer to Baltimore. But I grew up with snowball stands and snowball trucks as a symbol of summer, and I miss that.

What all do you miss?


Puffy said...

If it's the same thing that you're talking about, we call them "snow cones." They always turned our tongues a bright red, blue, or orange.