Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Walk Around Town

For my first volksmarch since October, I elected to stay close to home and walk 11 km (6.8 miles) around Frederick. Gorgeous day for a walk; the temperature was around 60 F, and there was a nice breeze.

My walk started in historic downtown Frederick at the county visitor center, then it went past City Hall and the Barbara Fritchie house toward Memorial Park, where veterans from every U.S. war are honored. Then it was off to Hood College, a school which until recently was women only. (This might be a dumb question, but with the college administration saying Hood needed to integrate the sexes because of declining enrollment, why did they bring in the population whose enrollment on college campi nationwide is shrinking . . . namely, men?)

From there, I returned to Baker Park, a quintessential town park where more people are becoming active with the warmer temps. Plenty of ducks and geese around Culler Lake, but no Cygni. :-( Then I got to check out some of the new Carroll Creek Linear Park and take a whiff of the newly relocated La Paz, one of my favorite local restaurants.

Then it was up South Market Street to Mount Olivet Cemetery, the burial place of Francis Scott Key (the minor league Frederick Keys play across the street), Barbara Fritchie, Thomas Johnson (the first governor of Maryland), and hundreds of Confederate soldiers from the Battle of the Monocacy, which took place a few miles to the south in July 1864.

My walk then wound past the Maryland School for the Deaf, which includes barracks used to detain Hessians during the Revolutionary War. Then after a brief jaunt under the deceptively fascinating Community Bridge, it ended back downtown just before the visitor center closed at 5 PM.

The ball of my left foot felt like it would blister, but it didn't. Nice walk. I'll add some of my photos of these places from previous walks later.


BigBro said...

If you have declining enrollment, and are only open to females, your only option is to open up to males. I know I lead a sheltered life, but once you are open to both sexes your pool of enrollees now encompasses everyone in the world. Theoretically your enrollments should go up even though male enrollments are declining. You would at least be able to get a slice of that pie.

Cygnus said...

I guess that's one way of looking at it. My point was that, if the current trend continues, it'll be an all-women's school again eventually.

Last time I was at Loyola College, I was there during their freshman orientation. I thought I had walked onto the College of Notre Dame by mistake, the class was so top-heavy in women! Found out later that the class was 2/3 female.

When I graduated, men were already the minority . . . only 17 years after the school ceased being all men.

Hood's a good school. I've interviewed the president a few times, spoken to journalism classes there, tutored some of their students as interns, and even used their swimming pool. Oh, and that was the scene of one of my reporting coups; capturing Kendel Ehrlich's offhand comment that she'd shoot Britney Spears if given the chance.