Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette

My cousin sent me a petition from the American Lung Association asking me to get my senator and delegates to support a ban on smoking in all bars and restaurants in Maryland.

And yet the House Speaker is talking about increasing the tax on cigarettes. Again.

I am not a cigarette smoker, but this? Is ridiculous.

Why should Annapolis tell businesses how to run themselves? (Wal-Mart, call your office.) Let those places who want to cater to smokers do so, and those that don't, not.

Example: Outside Lancaster, PA, we found a diner that allowed smoking. What it didn't have was any filtration of any kind. We turned around and left. See? We made a CHOICE! The owners of that diner had every right to cater to smokers, and we had every right to decide not to go there. You don't need laws. Same goes for those who go to smoke-free bars and restaurants.

Hey, Annapolis. If smoking is so bad for us and those around us, do more:

Ban. Tobacco. Make possession or use of it like marijuana. Drive it underground.

But no. That won't happen. Why? Because the state needs people to smoke! Otherwise, it loses revenue. Disregard any platitudes that you hear about the state wanting to get people to stop smoking. It's hooey.

And if Annapolis raises the sales tax, guess what? As the Baltimore Business Journal points out, folks will get their cigarettes from surrounding states like Delaware and Virginia that have much lower taxes. Kind of like they do now: traveling from Frederick to Leesburg, VA, there are several tobacco shops just across the Potomac from Point of Rocks.

Now where's my cigar?


Allana Haakman said...

Hey Cyg, here in Canada we are not able to smoke in any establishment, office or anything. It is nothing to see people outside of a bar in a group smoking. Many are adding on the "patio"scenario for the smokers convenience.

One restaurant/pub did the following; they sold memberships for a very low fee like 5 bucks a month to make the status of a "club" and it falls into a different legal venue, thus allowing smokers to smoke inside!

Hey, i am not a smoker, but know many, and all of them will not smoke in their own homes so that their children are safe from second hand smoke. I am also one of the people who will sit through the smoke, and suffer for days with a burning chest, and coughing up mucus and taking puffers till it all subsides. I kinda feel it is my choice, if i stay, then the consequences are also mine.

Don't like the smokey bar, then leave! I do..or did!