Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reason #6,571 Why I Would Make A Lousy Amazing Racer

Those of us who enjoy watching The Amazing Race find it easy to pick apart the Racers' mistakes on the show. Well, if I were running, I would definitely be one who was getting ragged on.

The other day, I had to drop off my cow-orker* at the small airport in Clinton where our pilots take us up to do our traffic reports. (I was supposed to fly also, but couldn't because of a paperwork snafu.) He explained to me that I had to enter through the second gate to get to the office where I'd pick him up.

We run our shifts, he in the air, me in the car. Afterward, I schlep back to Clinton to pick him up. I enter the gate. No sign of him. I drive around to the hangar. No one there. I knock on the office doors. He's not there.

After ten minutes, it finally hits me. I had entered the FIRST gate, thinking it was the second. He was at the other end of the airstrip . . . at the office, which was at the SECOND gate. D'oh!

I often yell at the Racers to Read The Fine Clue. Maybe I need to do the same.

*Years ago, someone on a message board at work misplaced that hyphen; I thought it hilarious. No comparison of anyone to a cow intended.