Friday, March 02, 2007

Incoming Change of Life

I had that nodule taken out of my esophagus today, courtesy of the University of Maryland Hospital at Baltimore. The lab will take a look at it.

I'm extremely tired. My throat hurts, and it feels like my entire dinner is stuck there. In fact, they saw in my stomach that I'd had a big meal late last night, albeit well before the midnight deadline.

The doctor and nurses treated me well, and I partly remember what was going on; at one point, my gag reflex started taking over and they had to put the scope back down my throat. I guess they sedated me more after that.

As a result of this:

  • I'll become a Nexium junkie.
  • My diet will have to be modified quite a bit.
  • We'll have to forget about our "Republican dinners" (eaten at 9 or 10 PM) and eat dinner when the Rest Of The World does.
  • And last and most: I must lose weight. I'm over 280 now.
I'm afraid of doing these things (well, the Nexium not so much), but I know I have to if I want to feel better and get healthier. I'll need plenty of support.

And a BIG thank you to my mom and dad who waited there with me. I love you.

One major procedure down, one to go (my elbow operation on the 13th).

One last comment: Ooooh, pwetty kulurzzz!


dragonflies said...

Aww sweetie, glad to hear it went well yesterday! You were on my mind quite a bit.

You can do all these changes. You don't really have a choice anyway, do you? Know that we love and will support you anyway that we can. And you have LC to lean on as well, you are very lucky and blessed to have the support system you have!

Big Smooches and here is a popsicle to make your throat feel better.

Mom2BJM said...

Wow, you really ARE falling apart. ANd here I thought at forty with my eyesight getting a little weak that "I" was falling apart!

*Smooches* to you, I have some Ben & Jerry's some sort of mixed fruit sorbet to go with the popsicle from DF!