Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm so tired - Part III

(Last time in the "I'm so tired" saga.)

I have a new CPAP machine, and I'm now taking medication to stop my restless leg syndrome. But I still feel tired most of the time.

I was wondering why, so I decided to check my meds, all of which I take just before going to sleep:

  • Rozerem. (Warning: "May cause drowsiness.")
  • Celexa. (Warning: "May cause drowsiness.")
  • Requip. (Warning: "May cause dizziness or drowsiness.")
  • Tricor. (Warning: "May cause dizziness.")
Naaaah, that couldn't be why, could it?


Silvergirl said...

Yes, you and LC can join Deb and I for crabcakes!!

Oh, and sorry you are so drrrooowwsy, zzzzz.

I'm going to Bountiful next Tuesday. It's our first airplane vacation with all of us travelling together. I'm excited!