Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eight Miles High

I am glad my flight on oxycodone (Percoset) is ending. That? Was scary. I can see why people get addicted to this stuff.

My day and a half on that stuff following my elbow surgery was one of the weirdest I'd ever spent. Here are some of the side effects of oxycodone. I can safely attest to the Extreme Sense of Well Being, as well as Trouble Sleeping.

The stuff made me manic. I was just going nonstop, both mentally and physically. And still, I felt strangely relaxed throughout my body. But it just didn't seem right. Good thing I haven't been in a motor vehicle since Tuesday.

Today was The Crash as I came off the stuff. I slept more today, and will sleep more after finishing this. I also felt somewhat nauseous.

I'm scheduled back to work tomorrow afternoon. We'll see how I feel then.

UPDATE 3/16: If anything, I feel worse. Stomach still upset, and I'm even MORE tired. Zzzzzzzzzz.