Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Amazing Road Rally

Inspired by a recent Puffy post.

While I had plenty of problems in the Christian group to which I belonged, there were a number of fun times too. One of them was a Friday night when we folks in University Christian Outreach had a road rally. We divided up into teams, and the object was to follow the clues that a couple of the girls had laid out to the various locations (and, unlike on much of The Amazing Race, they REALLY were clues) and finish not in the shortest time, but the shortest distance.

It was actually part road race and part (pre-arranged) scavenger hunt. We started in the suburbs north of Baltimore. Driving south into the city, we had to stop at a store and obtain one Dunkin Munchkin. (The girls had bought a box in advance; one guy ran in and said, "What's the fewest Munchkins I can buy?") Then, we had to get a piece of spaghetti from a concrete block in a city park. That's where we lost the rally; we made one wrong turn and looped around just enough to put us in second place. I didn't say I was driving, did I?

From there, we drove to the Community College of Baltimore where we were instructed to count the air conditioners in the back windows of the main building. The first couple cars didn't have any problems, but the organizers didn't take into account . . . the security guard. By the time the third car came back there, he started getting suspicious. He approached the car, during which another team pulled up and accused that team of getting the guard to help them!

Eventually, we wound up in Ellicott City at the home of one of the girls' parents. The winners each got a bottle of motor oil. Then we all watched the classic movie, It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. One team did not finish and gave up just a couple miles from the house! Most of them were not from the Maryland area.

Years later, LC and I were part of the winning team in a scavenger hunt two years in a row. The first featured a sports theme, and we cleaned up by visiting a Play It Again Sports in Hanover, PA (LC's hometown at the time). The next year, we clinched our travel-themed win at the Westminster airport. It was on that race that we sang our version of "Those Were The Days" (the "All In The Family" theme) with her singing Archie's part and I Edith's.


Mom2BJM said...

I have It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad (is that enough mads? ) World recorded on the DVR waiting to be watched! It's been a long time since I saw it... pretty good stuff!