Saturday, March 17, 2007

All By Myself

I'm blogging alone.

Until now, Ladycub and I sat next to each other in one of the smaller bedrooms when we were on our computers. As of today, we each have our own office, and I have been relegated to the other smaller bedroom. The reason: When she starts working from home, she'll need privacy in order to talk with her clients. And not to be bothered by her nutso husband.

We rearranged everything so that we could put up her new desk from Ikea, and then I took her former computer desk. My computer desk will be sold (interested, Silvergirl?). I also bought a basic gooseneck desk lamp. Then she made sure we were wired to the Internet and each other (on the local network, that is ;-)) properly.

It'll be weird not computing next to each other as we often do, but I'll get used to it. I guess we'll be IM'ing more! And this beats the days of us having to share one computer.

We still have a lot of paper to sort/file/get rid of, as well as stuff to sell at a yard sale or through eBay (interested, Silvergirl? :-)). And then we must do something with my most un-masculine office! The carpet is rose-colored, and there are rose-colored flowers on the wallpaper also! I'm a sensitive guy, but this is too much! I'm losing my mind to Andre Viette!


Silvergirl said...

Hey, that makes twice you've tried to sell me something. Are you guys having a yard sale? If I buy any more furniture, DH will kill me. We have some to sell ourselves.

I laughed at the IM comment, because a family I know did this on a three way chat between a mother and her son at home in different rooms, and a daughter who is away in college in Utah.

Cygnus said...

We plan to have a yahd sale later this spring. We'll let you know.