Saturday, February 24, 2007

Unscheduled Peep Meet

Ladycub and I decided to goto Mass tonight with the threat of sleet, ice, and freezing rain tomorrow. Afterward, we stopped at the Giant Iggle because we needed some cooking oil and some Luden's sugar-free cough drops for my mom (this is just about the only place in the state that carries them!).

As we left, LC said, "Is that Silvergirl?" Turns out it was; she was loading bags into her van. We got in the way of other vehicles in the parking lot talked for about 15 minutes. She hadn't ventured out of the house much recently because she'd been sick. Good to see her.


Silvergirl said...

Hey, I thought you weren't going to mention Hollywood starlets who can't keep their skirts down! Oh, totally not me. :D

Nice to see you, even if only for a quick speak in the parking lot of the Giant Eagle. I am well prepared for the snow-in if there is one.

Wonder when the news will stop reporting on the poor dead decaying body who wouldn't even be news if she hadn't married a multimillionaire. Sad, isn't it?

Mom2BJM said...

Hey, Yeay! A peep meet! I've probably been in the same vicinity of some of the other AZ peeps, and didn't even know it. I should really venture out.