Friday, February 23, 2007

Things You Will Not See In My Blog

  • Profanity. I cannot believe how many people, especially in blogs, cannot make a point without the colorful metaphors. The left appears to be far more guilty of this than the right (proof), but I know some right-wing blogs do so too.
  • Much of anything anymore about Hollywood starlets that can't keep their skirts down, hair on, necklines up, etc. (Much about Hollywood, period.)
  • Blasphemy against my religion.
  • Tales of our sex life, except for this.
  • Plans to secretly kick my cats.
  • Every embarrassing thing that happened to me as a child (I think I'll quit at half of them :-)).
  • Groveling before Seana or Sharnina. (oops, too late . . . :-))
Anything else you think I should not have in my blog?