Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pot Pourri

(well, that's how Rowan and Martin pronounced it)

A few different topics today:

Non- Music

The worst thing about going to my physical therapist is having to put up with the dreck called Adult Contemporary music on the radio. You probably hear it called "soft rock." It's really music for women . . . and doctor's offices.

I think I'd rather hear rap or hip-hop. At least there, I might be surprised by what I hear. The local AC station, Key 103, prides itself on "no-repeat workdays." Trouble is, they play the same. artists. at about the same. time. every. day. I can only hear "Hero," "Wind Beneath My Wings," "I Can Dream About You," and "This One's For The Girls" so many times.

Furthermore, this? Is what I call non-music. It's music that is intended to be heard, but not listened to (Muzak actually follows that principle). But there's a part of me I can't control that WANTS to listen, that's getting sucked into the piano hooks for "Walking in Memphis" or that insipid tune they played for one of the jewelry stores this past Christmas, I don't know the name. And I don't care.

To be fair, classic rock is just about as bad, and there's nearly half a dozen of those stations to not choose from. You don't have to; they sound alike, except for the one station that thinks Harry Chapin is "classic rock."

How about smooth jazz, hm? You can listen to that or not.

Thank God for talk radio, which you HAVE to listen to.

Get Back

Today, I saw about 296 Pittsburgh Squealer fans out and about here in central Maryland.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. But there were definitely more of them than Ravens or Deadskins fans.

To you Squealer fans, I ask the question: What the heck are you doing here?!

Get. Out. Now. Pennsyltucky will be happy to have you. I'll hold the door open.

Weird Dream

The other night, I dreamed I was in the Amazing Race and was about to finish a leg. I feared the Hometown Jinx because this was northeast of Baltimore. Similar to Season 1 in Alaska, I had to be flung into the air on a blanket and look for a clue on the ground in the distance. I decided I had spotted it, then jumped in my car and headed in what I knew was the wrong direction. Never mind that I had no idea what the RIGHT direction was! It felt like I was driving along a suburb on a mountain overlooking this populous valley (the Baltimore suburbs aren't quite like that). I drove around with no idea where I was headed . . . just before I woke up.


Mom2BJM said...

So, it's safe to say you didn't win the million dollars, eh?