Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise

One of my friends gave me a couple tickets to the Washington Capitals - New York Rangers hockey game tonight (bless you, sir). So I overcame my resentment toward the NHL for telling its fans to go jump in a frozen lake a couple years ago, and Ladycub and I went. Nice seats, behind the benches near center ice. Unfortunately, the Capitals lost 5-2, delighting the Ranger faithful in attendance. Every Caps attack was one and done; they seemed listless. The Rangers played better defense and made the most of their opportunities.

I thought I saw DebCapsFan in the next section over, but if it was her, she didn't respond. It may well not have been her because this lady was dressed in gray and didn't have a Caps jersey on. Also, I think she was taller than Deb. I would have called her, but I discarded her phone number recently, thinking I wouldn't need it again. D'oh! (Deb and I met previously a couple years back when we dined with Puffy.)

Half of humanity crammed into the first Metro train heading to Shady Grove. We waited three minutes more and had the next train just about all to ourselves.