Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not Another Health Update

My left hand, wrist, and forearm are now in a cast. That's to allow a fracture in my wrist to heal.

My right wrist is bruised. Physical therapy should take care of that.

My right elbow will require arthroscopic surgery to remove bone fragments and clear out some arthritis that's been there for years. Mercifully, recovery time from that should be short.

Now to take a bath with a plastic bag . . .

Oh, BTW. A woman was having a hissyfit because she'd been sitting in one of the patient rooms for 40 minutes, and there was no one in the waiting room when she arrived. Considering that the place didn't even open until after lunch because of the weather, that's not all that bad. We waited about half an hour.

Today, I saw the employees' point of view; they did ME a favor my not making me reschedule, but allowing me to still come in that afternoon. I can totally see myself as that lady, however. But in a famous prayer, I am exhorted to understand rather than to be understood. Not easy, I know. But I'm learning, little by little. Not everything is a personal affront.