Monday, February 12, 2007

Manly Barbering

It's mostly ladies who visit my blog, and hey, I don't mind that; nobody loves ladies more than I do (just ask Ladycub!). But being a man, every once in a while I need some manly bonding. Not only did I get to see and chat with my friend Marty at Mass today, I also got to do one of those hallowed male rites of passage: get my hair cut.

I prefer a barber to a stylist because I just want my hair cut; I don't WANT it styled! Shorter is better with my hair anyway, and (most) barbers aren't afraid to cut it short. I've found that the ones who don't cut it short rationalize, "He'll come back sooner." Little do they know that, if they don't cut it short enough, I won't come back -- at all!

For a while, I didn't trust a woman barber with my hair because she would be more interested in styling it than just cutting it. But I have found a couple women who have done well with my hair recently. And there was one Japanese woman barber who gave me a temple and neck massage . . . #sigh#.

Today, I went to my favorite barber shop which is located in Thurmont. The barber I see is a retired Marine and remembers his customers -- even me! And he now knows how to cut my hair so well that he got it right the first time, and I didn't have to ask him to shorten it!

But the best thing about the barber shop is just shooting the breeze with all present. Sports, weather, politics, whatever. And when I was done, it felt good to say, "See you fellas," and have everyone respond. Nice to feel like part of the gang, if only for a few minutes.

I need a good boys' night sometime. Cards would be cool, possibly with cigars.


Seana said...

*scratches crotch*


*sits on couch with hand down front of pants*

Cygnus said...

. . . and your point being?


Mom2BJM said...

LOL at Seana!

Sorry, can't help you in the manly dept, Cyg!

Puffy said...

*hands Cyg a copy of the latest SI mag.*