Friday, February 09, 2007

Latest from the 60-day injured list

Had my MRIs this morning. They loaded me between the pancakes (this is supposedly the "Wide Open MRI") and played Mozart for me whilst loud noises examined my wrists. Ladycub tells me this is nothing. :-)

Everything still hurts. I'm having trouble keeping my hand/wrist splints on because the straps are getting threadbare.


Mom2BJM said...

*let's see how many of Cyg's posts I can comment on in five minutes time!!*

MRI's are definitely not fun. I had one done just over a year ago - on my head. It took about an hour - it was horrible because I had a persisting pain in my face that caused me to cringe- made it difficult to hold still for the stupid MRI!!

*glad it was over and no serious issues!*

Hi Paul!