Friday, February 09, 2007

Crazy Things I've Done

(Hat tip: Deb.)

For the Really Shtoopit Thing I've Tried, I was just out of college when our University Christian Outreach group was having a pool party and cookout at this one guy's parents' place. He happened to have an ATV. If you recall, ATVs back in the day were mostly three-wheeled, and even now the four-wheeled variety remain dangerous. I reported on an ATV collision one July 4th weekend a few years back where two kids died and a third was injured.

Anyway, at this cookout I rode a three-wheeled ATV for the first time.
With no helmet or protective equipment what. so. ever.
At speeds over 30 mph.
On asphalt, on which no ATV is designed to be ridden.

I'm lucky I lived to tell about it!

For a Really Unique Thing I've Tried, my old roommate came to me the year after we'd lived together. He was a tenor in the Bach Choral Society, which was having a multi-course holiday feast interspersed with music.

The Society was having music students from local high schools serve the feast. But since they were not of age, it needed a Wine Steward to take care of the libations. My roommate told me I'd have to wear tights and a tunic.

I replied, "That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of. I'll do it!" So I went to the ladies' department and bought me some tights.

It actually turned out to be fun. There were a couple folks in the crowd who recognized me. Nowadays, having been in theater, dressing up like that is no big deal. Back then, it was more of a novelty.

What things have you tried, unique, shtoopit, or otherwise?