Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ravens - Divisional Playoff

Reno, NV

We just plain got beat. Who are you and what have you done with the Irsays defense?

We didn't do what we had to do: make the Irsays pay for their turnovers. They didn't make us pay much, but just enough en route to a 15-6 win. On our home turf.

This? Hurts. But I gotta give Indy credit. I still hate them for what they did to us on March 28, 1984, but they simply played the better game. And they all but ran out the clock.

Now, I have to think the Brian Billick Death Watch is on. He helped juice up the offense . . . except when it was needed most.

See you next year.


Big bro said...

It was Ray Lewis' fault. He turned 2 interceptions into incomplete passes.

dragonflies said...

That was not the best game. I actually fell asleep.

Sorry the Ravens lost though Cyg...

Mom2BJM said...

Sorry, no football sympathy here. Just thankful to have a DH who could We are not a sports watching family, though DS has started to show some interest in the Suns!