Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do that somewhere else!

Parked in front of our house this morning was a car with a young couple in it, with the man in the driver's seat. I seriously doubt he was busy fiddling with the glove compartment. I stepped out front to make my presence known, and that must have stopped him for the girl was gone a few minutes later.

We don't exactly live in the high-rent district, and there's nothing essentially wrong with that. But we also have a bunch of strange neighbors. I have no idea how many people live in that corner house where the girl went. A house across the way could well have been a crack house, although I think new people live there now. And many of the new arrivals don't say a word to us at all. While other factors (such as too many improvements compared to the other homes) are involved, our next door neighbor is having a heck of a time trying to sell his house.

Sometimes I yearn for my childhood home in a block where everybody knew everybody.


Mom2BJM said...

When we lived with my folks for awhile, prior to buying our home, there was a Meth house next door. It was NUTZ! My mom and other neighbors started writing down license plate numbers, and the time they were there, etc. Before too long, they had the pattern established, and the police made a bust. Its all too common here in the Valley.

But then we had Mike Tyson arrested last week, admitting he is a cocaine addict.

Cygnus said...

That's quite an accusation to make about Nutz . . . (she said it, I didn't)


Puffy said...

It could still be a meth house. We had one up the block from us. Nobody knew about it, even the cop next door, until someone was killed there.

Silvergirl said...

At least you don't live in Irvington, hun! Our friend who lived there did have a crack house across the street.

This is why I don't miss Baltimore all that much. Well, sometimes I do, but not much.

Our Violetville neighborhood was plagued with people who used the park to carry on with prostitutes. A hooker knocked at my door one night asking if we had any chains to help the John who had driven his truck over an embankment in our little neighborhood park. DH was not home, so I told her no, but she kept asking. I didn't realize she was a hooker until I saw her again on Caton Ave being picked up.

That and there were needles in the park, so kids could not safely play there. We lived a block from where they make Rheb's candies. (*sigh, the best chocolates ever made*)

BTW, thank you to you and Sandy for your wonderful Christmas letter. I started one, but I'm having computer issues, so I just might make it in time for Easter. *hee hee*

Cygnus said...

Well, Silv, my 'rents live not far from Irvington, and a family down the street from them has a duplex that abuts . . . a crack house. We saw gobs of people in and out of it on Thanksgiving. :-(

I'm never going to live in Baltimore City again either. The suburbs, perhaps, but not the city.

*keeps checking mailbox for Silv's letter* :-)