Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Colonoscopy: The Sequel

Next week, I'll be getting another colonoscopy. Joy.

Had my consult today, as well as bloodwork and two words that drive fear into anyone:

Stool. Sample.



Seana said...

OK, so I can't comment on your trip "summary", but I can comment here? What. ever.

You have fun.

Cygnus said...

*shows Seana the conveniently located scroll button on her mouse*



Seana said...


It kept giving me an error message.

I tried to come here and call you a smartass earlier this afternoon, but the word verification thingie wouldn't show up. :-(

So you've had to wait to be insulted by me. I'm sure it was worth it.

Cygnus said...

About bloody time!

But then again, an insult from you is like a #hug# from almost anyone else.


Puffy said...

Will you get to keep the video of your colonoscopy and show it to friends and family?