Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, Colonoscopy II is now in the books, along with Endoscopy I. Everything came out all right, so to speak.

Good news: nothing major in either end, although several biopsies were taken. What was also cool was that I was not completely out for the procedure, and could see some of what was going on. Puffy, your DVD is in the mail. :-D

Thanks to Silvergirl for picking me up, and to LC for leaving work early to get me. She took me to Cracker Barrel afterward, where I chose to have breakfast for my first solid food in nearly 48 hours. Then I slept, and when I finish this, I'll sleep again.

I'll meet with the docs in a couple weeks to find out what else is going on, as it were.


Puffy said...

I hope everything came out ok. *wink*