Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bad News and Good News

BAD NEWS: I lost my job last week.

GOOD NEWS: I lost my job last week.

It didn't have to happen, and I was responsible for bringing about my own demise. But truth be told, I disliked my job. Well, not so much the job, but the effect it had on me. Without a set schedule, I couldn't commit to doing almost anything outside of work.

And I see now I was probably putting too many demands on my work. I wanted it to be the sole source of my self-worth, and it wasn't. No job could be.

So I know now that it's important that I have a job with as close to "normal hours" as possible, so I can arrange time for other activities, such as theater (which I've longed to return to). Oh, and spend some time with this wife of mine.

And maybe participate more in my parish. It was nice to go to church this morning with LC and be able to hang around and socialize after Mass. Helped me feel like not so much a visitor.

Also, I need a job that I don't necessarily have to bring home.

I think this firing will turn out ultimately to be a good thing.

In semi-related news, I hope this year to blog less about politics and culture. I'm not saying I NEVER will, and it is my blog, but I think you can glean a lot about what I think just from some of the sites/blogs I've linked to on the right; there's no need for me to rehash them. I'm going to try not to get so wrapped around the axle about such things. I'm better off.


Seana said...

So the mourning period is mostly over then? That's good.

You know, DH still talks of his months in recovery after his heart attack as a good thing because he had time to spend with DD and also because it gave him a chance to just stop.

Good luck.

Cygnus said...

I'll keep you posted.


Silvergirl said...

We were just talking about theatre groups tonight, because DD wanted to be an actress when she was younger, but has changed her mind. I still think it would be fun to participate in one. Did you have a group in mind?

Getting more active in other venues is good. I hope your job search finds you something you really want to do.

dragonflies said...

Sounds like you have exactly the right attitude my friend! Losing a job you are unhappy in is a blessing in disguise. Been there done that.

smooches & hugs!

Cygnus said...

Silv, I have contacts in the Fredericktowne Players, and I've met folks from MET and Way Off Broadway. Even if DD doesn't necessarily want to act, she could do plenty of other things like usher, stage crew, etc.

Thanks for the encouragement, DF and Silv both. *smooches*

Cygnus said...


Last night I dreamed I had to go back to my old job to pick up . . . my head! =:-0 I dreamed I had to sneak in to do it, then I dropped my head onto a friend of mine's shoulders by accident!