Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anyone need a sysadmin?

When we first started using home PCs 10 years ago (we had a Commodore 64 before that), I was the guru and LC didn't know much. Now? I am in awe of her diagnostic capabilities.

Ever since we'd returned from Reno, we found that our internet connection was only so-so. On certain pages, it got hung up, and we couldn't download any of our Yahoo mail.

Well, tonight she discovered that the settings in the DSL modem needed to be changed. *Phew*. For a minute, I thought we'd have to plunk down $100 or more for a new router. Things are now running just fine.

*smooch* You're good, hon.


Mom2BJM said...

Yeay for Ladycub!!

It pays to have at least ONE smart one in the family!