Monday, December 25, 2006

Ravens - Week 16

This one was pretty much never in doubt, although I wish we'd have held onto the ball better. What a thumping of the Squealers on their home turf. That means we dusted the "defending Super Bowl champions" 58-7 over two games this year.

Merry Christmas, Squealer fans. Sit down. Shut up.

Very good. Now stay that way.

And all praise and thanks be to the Houston Texans, who handed the Irsays another loss. Now we control our destiny for the #2 seed, and still have a longshot for the #1 (see the scenarios here), but I seriously doubt Sandy Eggo will lose to Arizona at home. Have I mentioned lately how I wish we'd beaten the Bungles?

Buffalo is out of the playoff hunt, but they're no gimme. Still, we can and should beat them.