Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ravens - Week 15

Maybe not as impressive as others, but still a good win for the Ravens over a feisty Browns team. Although I don't like how well the Browns were able to move the ball on the ground against us, the telling statistic was that they converted no 3rd downs. And we had six sacks. Kyle Boller did well filling in for Steve McNair, who had his throwing hand stepped on. Boller tossed an impressive 77-yard TD pass to rookie Demetrius Williams, who hit Ludicrous Speed as he outraced the Browns to the end zone. (No, Ludicrous Speed is not a Browns safety.)

We're safely in the playoffs, and beating the Squealers at Heinz this Sunday will give us the AFC North and keep us in the driver's seat hunt for a first-round bye (we got the AFC North last night when the Irsays beat the Bungles). The Squealers have been playing better here of late, but if we can keep Willie Parker in check, we can put the pressure on Ben Toothlessberger.