Monday, December 11, 2006

Ravens - Week 14

Nice 20-10 victory over the Cheeves, a game the Ravens pretty much controlled from the kickoff. Thus endeth an 18-game home winning streak for the Cheeves in December. The defense held Larry Johnson in check enough, although he did get over 100 yards. More importantly, Trent Green was spooked just about the whole game. And what an impressive pass from Steve McNair to Mark Clayton for an 87-yard TD.

With the Ravens being 10-3, I would really really love to have that Cincy game back. We'd then be the #1 seed in the AFC, owning the tiebreaker over the Chargers whom we beat. But they're up a game. Still, we're in the hunt for the first-round bye.

We have three very winnable games to finish out the year; against Cleveland, at Pittsburgh, and against the Bills. 13-3 is not out of reach. But. Whoda thunk Peyton and the Irsays would get steamrolled by the Jags? (Prediction: the Irsays are getting nowhere near Miami.) Or, speaking of Miami, they tossed a shutout against the Patriots! Anything can happen. No one can be taken lightly; I mean, if the Titans make the playoffs (and it's still possible), they'll be The Team No One Wants To Play.

Let's just beat Cleveland and see what happens.