Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Got the Christmas cards sent today. Hope most arrive before Christmas; otherwise, most will get there early next week.

My Christmas shopping is done, except for one item I'll grab tomorrow.

We hope to have the tree up tomorrow night.

I'll be delivering a gift to my Secret Santa recipient tomorrow at our Christmas party. And getting one from my SS.

More on my health/sleep: Woke up really groggy today, and just wanted to fall over after trying a muscle relaxer prescribed for me. So I did nap for a couple hours. I'm now attending physical therapy, getting new glasses, having my third sleep study, having a second opinion on some colon issues, and getting my teeth cleaned. Good thing LC has a good health plan!

We're going to be godparents again for little Samantha, our friends' little girl. That's quite an honor. Third time for me; I'm a godparent of my brother, and we're godparents of my niece.


Mom2BJM said...

Good for you getting the cards send out. I didn't get any sent LAST year, so must do it this year... besides with my mom passing away , I feel it's important to keep in touch with my far away friends. We did however, MAKE our Christmas cards, so we must now get them addressed and sent!

Yes... yet another thing to be done!

Cygnus said...

Wow, you MADE your Christmas cards?

*slinks away in embarrassment*

dragonflies said...

I'm still working on my cards. *sigh*

Mom2BJM said...

Yes, I made them, along with DH and DS, however, now as of the morning of December 23rd, they are still here, not filled out or addressed..

*slinks away in embarrassment*