Monday, December 25, 2006

How I Spent My Christmas

Mostly at work. Had to work 10 AM -- 6 PM on Christmas Eve, then 2 PM -- 10 PM on Christmas Day. Fortunately, both days were pretty quiet. Lots of good food too; my one cow-orker makes killer chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday night, we had a nice dinner at Mexicali Cantina, one of the better Latino restaurants in town. Then we played golf on our computers and turned in.

Sunday morning, we went to Mass together at our home parish (for a change), then came home and had breakfast before I left for work. While I was gone, LC cleaned off the top of the buffet and turned it into the location of our nativity scene. How nice!

She went over to get a hotel room in Columbia, where she watched the Ravens dismantle the Squealers (see separate post). Then we met up at my aunt's house in Laurel. Not quite as many relatives came for the traditional Christmas Eve prayers and wreath-lighting ceremony, but it was still good to see those who were there. Dad showed some footage of us from years ago doing a dramatic reading of "Go, Dog, Go!" and my sisters singing "Ao Haoly Noight" in Bawlamerese.

We then opted to go to a 10 PM Mass at a parish near the hotel. Last time we had been there was when our friends DB and DQ (Dittoboy and Da Queen) had gotten married 8 years ago. It was a pretty nice Mass all in all; the congregation actually sang, and pretty well. But there were a couple quirks; the ensemble sang some weird, disjointed song at the offertory, and the priest dedicated a large portion of his homily to The Wizard of Oz and "there's no place like home." I was waiting for him to start playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in the background, but it didn't happen.

We spent the night at the hotel where we watched (on TV) an impressive choral and orchestra performance from the newly renovated Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore. Just before turning in, I got a surprise call from . . . Seana! She just wanted to wish us a Merry Christmas and thought I wouldn't have my cell phone on. But we both got to talk to her. Very sweet of her to do so.

On Christmas morning, we headed to LC's aunt's for an elaborate lunch (not brunch, as in prior years) spread with some of her relatives. It was nice to see Sandy's cousin's kids get their gifts. One of them got a Nintendo GameBoy which was no bigger than my minidisc player.

After work, LC and I swapped our gifts. I got her The Little Mermaid on DVD, a thumb drive for her puter, and a Todd Heeeeeeeeeeeap Ravens replica jersey. She got me a nice long-sleeve polo shirt and two DVD packs: Animaniacs and the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4.

All in all, a nice Christmas. I look forward to not having to work some year, however.


Puffy said...

Sounds very nice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!