Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ravens - Week 13

We MUST learn to play football in the rain (see also: Denver).

A 13-7 loss to the Bungles, and it wasn't as close as that score would imply. Lots of our folks went down with injuries, including PBJ Sams who broke his tibia. We got little pressure on Carson Palmer when it mattered, and our offense did naught. Our TD wasn't scored until less than two minutes to go in the game.

We can blame the rain, the short week, or whatever, but Cincy had those too. They were just better prepared, and we weren't.

And once again, I didn't get to see this game. But since it was on The NFL Network, neither did anyone else.

So Sunday will be Ravens-free, and then we go to Arrowhead to take on (as my cousin used to call them) the Cheeves. Not an easy place to win.


Big bro said...

I saw it. I have Dish Network. They added the NFL Channel to the basic set up. Sweet! Jamal was stutter-stepping all over the place. Get the ball and Go! McNair is lucky he wasn't picked off at least 3 times. They screwed up the onsides kick at the end, too. I may be rooting for the Cheeves.