Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ravens - Week 11

All right, forget that first half in which the Ravens trailed Atlanta 7-0 and Matt Stover MISSED (gasp) a field goal. Nothing to see there (and nothing for me to see at all, since I could only catch the game via radio). Just before halftime, (P)BJ Sams ran back a punt more than 60 yards and gave the Ravens a great chance to score. Until Steve McNair fumbled the snap to the Falcons.

Who cares?

After the break, Sams had two more runbacks that were thisclose to TDs, helping the Ravens to take a 10-7 lead in the thrid quarter. Jamal Lewis decided to show up, running in that TD and two others. And then the Ravens did something impressive in the fourth quarter; they ran out the clock. A nice 8-minute drive got the final TD to put the game out of reach, and then the Falcons went four and out. Musa Smith got a surprise first down after the exchange, allowing NcNair to take a few knees.

Nice. We're 8-2, and thanks to them Cowboys, we're only one game out of the battle for home-field advantage through the playoffs. Oh, to have that Carolina game back.

But not so hasty. We have to defeat the epitome of All That Is Evil In The NFL, the Squealers, next week.