Monday, November 13, 2006

Ravens - Week 10

On a day chock full of bizarre games (Sandy Eggo and the Bungles only scored 90 points), this one against Tennessee sure qualified. Not that these two teams haven't had strange games before!

In the first half, it looked as though Vince Young was going to carve the heck out of the Ravens' secondary. (Young is going to be the real deal and not a Michael Vick clone; why couldn't we have gotten hold of him?) But it was just what I'd feared with the Titans jumping out to a 26-7 lead in the second quarter. I mean, we were Supposed To Trounce Them. Even Steve McNair contributed to the Titans' cause by stepping out of the end zone for a safety. (If CBS' Don Criqui called Young "Steve McNair" one more time, I was going to use the Elvis Presley Remote Control Mechanism with my TV!)

Things didn't seem to be improving in the second half as both Chris McAlister (who has a temper that he must learn to keep under wraps) and Brian Billick (!) both drew unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. But then the Ravens' defense (less Ray Lewis) got the job done as the Ravens crept closer with FGs by Auto-Matt-Ic Stover, and then a beautiful drive capped off by a beautiful TD strike from former Titan Steve McNair to former Titan Derrick Mason to give us the lead.

But it wasn't over yet. The Ravens were unable to run out the clock, so Young had one more chance. His drive culminated with a gutsy run for first down, but he was apparently injured on the tackle. Kerry Collins blew cobwebs off his shoulder and handed off the ball a few times before the Titans tried a game-winning field goal . . . which Trevor Pryce blocked.

Ballgame, and an impressive 21 unanswered points for the Ravens in winning their third game this year in which they were trailing in the fourth quarter.

Next week is Atlanta at home, another game I won't get to see. Let's hope the Michael Vick of late shows up.