Sunday, November 05, 2006

Obnoxious Interrupting Maintenance Man

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Obnoxious Interrupting Cow.
Obnoxious Inter--

Okay, the following is about as personal as I'll get on here. A number of people have enjoyed hearing this story, so . . .

We honeymooned in Key Largo, staying at the Key Largo Bay resort. It had lots of great activities, including snorkeling and parasailing. We got our rental car from the Miami airport and drove down Route 1 to the hotel.

I had made the arrangements some time before through a travel agency; the Internet wasn't that big just yet (not for us, anyway). We arrived at the registration desk, got our keys, and headed to our room . . . which overlooked the parking lot and had two double beds.

I immediately said, "This will not do." (Nowadays, that setup would be no big deal at all. But NOT on a honeymoon!)

So the hotel rooked offered us a king-size bed with a view of the bay and the pool for $10 more a night. We took it.

We got our stuff to our new room, which was much nicer. After we unpacked, we decided to, well . . . get comfortable. We heard a knock on the door of the adjacent room; the doors faced each other on the walkway. We weren't worried.

Turns out, though, the knock wasn't on the other door, but ours. In walks Obnoxious Interrupting Maintenance Man, here to paint the room that he didn't know someone was now occupying. Meanwhile, we're diving for anything resembling clothing while yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

He replied, "OhIwasjustinheretodosomepaintingIdidn'tknowtheroomwasoccupied IcandoitanothertimeI'msosorrygoodbye!" and left. We laughed about it . . . later.

Have you had any such interruptions that you'd care to share?


Mom2BJM said...

When we lived with my parents for awhile, I believe we had an interruption one time.. Mom walked in, I think, but thankfully, it was dark. Yeah, we were married and had two kids at the time, so I figure she knew I'd had sex at one point in my life! :-)

Otherwise, I just wanted to say we LOVE the interrupting Cow joke in our family!

dragonflies said...

I giggle every time I hear/read that story