Friday, November 10, 2006

I want(ed) candy

(Can't stand that song, BTW.)

For some reason, I started thinking today about the candy I used to consume as a kid. I reckon I have all those crowns and fillings to show for it. Heck, our teachers sold it in the classroom. I'll stick to the not-necessarily-chocolate variety.

Let's see . . . what was there?

One of my earliest memories was Necco wafers. Now that I see the word "wafer", I can see how I would have played "Communion" with them. Maybe I did. Those were good, except for the gray ones.

I had both versions of Smarties, the British kind that were like oversized M&Ms (Seana informs me they're also available in Canada), and the American kind which were frequently in our Trick-or-Treat bags.

Also in the UK, I got to try Macintosh's (now Nestle's) Quality Street. And toffee from the local shops was ummy; the toffee came in these fancy metal boxes.

In this country, I think the prime reason for my bad teeth was an addiction to Now and Laters. There was never any for Later. Those things were so. good, but they stuck to my teeth like superglue. My favorite flavors were Wild Cherry (heck, I'd eat wild cherry anything) and Grape. They lasted quite a while because they were difficult to make chewy. Probably why my jaw clicks too!

In the category of 1000% Sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup, there were Spree, Pixy Stix, SweeTarts, and Lik-m-aid (a sugar stick dipped into an envelope of? More Sugar!) All are now made by Nestle under their Willy Wonka brand.

Into my adulthood I would still eat the readily available Starburst (not nearly as adhesive as Now and Laters) and Skittles. In college, we playfully formed SA -- Skittleholics Anonymous.

Anyone remember Wacky Packages, with the sticker parodies of actual products? Those made their way onto a few binders. And I liked the hard and dry bubble gum in the packages. I never liked that they eventually got rid of the gum in baseball card packs.

And the other fun thing about getting candy was keeping track of what corner store had what candy where. (Corner stores? What were those?) Eventually, that translated to video games as well.

If bigbro comes trapsing through here, ask him about his thriving trade in Root Beer Barrels in high school.

So, did you want candy?


Big Bro said...

Ah yes, the old root beer barrel for Doritos trade. One of the guys from elementary school posted pics of the Wacky Packages on the class site. I still like Whoppers (the candy not the burgers).

Amber said...

Hi there, I was just reading your funny post about the old candy, and was wondering do you still have any of your Wacky Packages? My boyfriend & I still collect them and if you have them, and have any interest in selling them - we'd make you a really good offer. My email is Let me know! Thanks! Amber

Puffy said...

Do you remember the rock candy and candy cigarettes?

Sharnina came over today, Cyg. I'll color you gellus.

Cygnus said...

Hi Amber, thanks for dropping by! Sorry, I have no WPs on me; they peeled off my 6th-7th grade binders long ago. (I didn't have a KISS logo on my binder, however.)

Puffy, yes, I liked the gum cigarettes that had powdered sugar that made it look like you were actually, well, "puffing!" The crunch candy ciggies, not so much.

How could I forget rock candy? In the UK, each town sold it with the town's name inscribed in it.

No need to color me gellus about meeting Sharnina: I already am! :-(

Mom2BJM said...

I forgot to say that my dad always used to eat Necco's, that was his favorite.. and I would ALWAYS get all the black ones, because neither he nor my brothers or sister liked them!