Friday, October 27, 2006

TAR All-Stars

Those who know Ladycub and me know that The Amazing Race is the only current TV show we care about.

Now that the news has leaked that The Amazing Race 11 will be an All-Stars Edition (which I didn't really want, but oh well), the whining has begun from those who weren't picked to be in it, such as Chip and Kim from TAR 5 and BJ and Tyler from TAR 9. Um, maybe you weren't picked because you ALREADY WON?!

I rooted for Chip and Kim in that race, the first we ever watched. Theirs was a stunning upset over Colin and Christie (who apparently WILL be in TAR All-Stars), but I think Chip has been busy destroying his good will ever since by DAWing* all over the place. Heck, he and Kim were on Battle of the Network Reality Stars, which I sadly (heh) missed. That should disqualify anyone in my book.

As for BJ and Tyler, BJ makes this pronouncement: "We were the most winningest winners ever to win." (Earl Weaver, call your office.) After all, they only finished last in non-elimination legs twice! I'm not saying they didn't deserve to win, but do get. over. yourselves.

So Just Shut Up and enjoy your million if you haven't blown it all already, thank you.

Oh, to see Colin melt down again. He says he was the victim of severe editing. I'm waiting for the footage where he was really nice to the folks in Kenya, or where he treated the "ox" in the Philippines so well. But having said that, I gotta admit the gameplay between him and Christie and the others made that Race especially memorable.

I'm not so sure about the return of Mirna and Schmirna Charla, even though they're from my hometown. Maybe Mirna should start seeing Peter from the current Race. Like him, Mirna always had the undersized but gritty Charla do the tougher tasks. I didn't like them, and was relieved when they were gone.

I hope Romber don't come back, although Rob butting heads with Colin might be priceless. Then Christie and Amber could compare notes on how to do just about nothing on the Race. Let's not bother with Lynn and Alex; they don't need the exposure. Might Debbie and Bianca be given another chance to see if they just made one stupid move? Or Lena and Kristy from TAR 6? Speaking of which, I think it'd be neat to see Kris and Jon again, but they seem to be more anti-DAW here of late, so I doubt it'll happen.

And I agree with others that it won't be a true All-Stars edition if the Festers, Kevin and Drew, aren't there. I can't comment on TARs 2-4, which I haven't seen.

No Family Edition teams. And NO JONATHAN AND VICTORIA. Ever.

*Desperate Attention Whoring, or trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame.