Monday, October 30, 2006

Ravens - Week 8

Wow. What a nice thumping 35-22 victory over the Saints. They got nothing on the ground. Never mind Drew Brees' stats; they were just about all in mop-up duty. He was too busy throwing TDs to the Ravens. Jamal managed to scrape out 100 yards.

So, is Brian Billick as offensive coordinator the answer? We'll see next week against Cincinnati, who looks like it'll be our only rivals for the AFC North title. You see, we Ravens fans are always waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop. But I like what I've seen so far.

Speaking of which . . .

We would like to thank the Pittsburgh Squealers for their participation in the 2006 NFL season. 2-5 with a loss to *Oakland*, which now has as many wins as they do. Now all you Squealer fans can sit down, shut up, and wait until the Ravens kick your butts, and then you can sit down and shut up some more.

I love it.


Big Bro said...

Fortunately, mop up stats count in Fantasy leagues, as you found out. Colston had a couple of mop up TDs. I think it would have been more of an insult for Steeler fans to remind them that they have only one more win than the *gasp* Cardinals.

Cygnus said...


And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

*returns to sulking and licking wounds*


Big Bro said...

OK, you're ticked about getting smacked down this week, but what about the other half of the comment?

Cygnus said...

That I liked. (Very perceptive of you.)